Biggsville/Monmouth Native Michael Cook Talks The Comancheros

Biggsville and Monmouth native Michael Cook has since moved to Columbia, Missouri and started a heavy and western band, The Comancheros, with fellow bandmates Tanner Jones, John Green, and Bradley Hutchinson. Cook, who is the band’s drummer and a songwriter, shares how the name Comancheros came about:

“Ironically it is not from the John Wayne movie The Comancheros, but there is The Outlaw Josey Wales, the Clint Eastwood movie and Tanner, our singer, he would watch that movie with his dad and the Comancheros were the group of Comanche Indians, Mexicans, and some white folks in there down in the Texas area. They were traders and nobody like them because they were on the fringes. In the Outlaw Josey Wales, they were just hanging out on the outside causing trouble. Tanners’ dad said if he ever started a county band it had to be called the Comancheros. Then we all fell in love with country music and were like well, okay, now we have to start a country band called the Comancheros. It works out because we are usually on the outside, you know, causing trouble,” shares Cook.

The band has been together since 2015.

To find out more on The Comancheros, search them on Facebook.

Check out a released single from The Comancheros:

The Comancheros released single Time Machine
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