Patton Block Brew Pub Expected to Open First Week of June in Downtown Monmouth

The Patton Block Grill and Brew Pub in downtown Monmouth is getting set to open the first week of June. General Manager Kevin Cerar shares what is expected on the menu:

“We will have a few choices of flatbreads, sandwiches, salads. I think the direction we are going is a little bit smaller of a menu, but key on certain things throughout the week. Friday will be our fresh seafood night. Saturday will be great prime rib with creamed spinach and garlic mashed potatoes. You can also get a twice baked potato. We are just going to try and have a smaller menu and key on certain things throughout the week,” Cerar says.

DeNovo Beverage will also bring a twelve tap system of craft beers to the Patton Block Grill and Brew Pub says DeNovo co-owner Brad Sturgeon:

“We have a pretty nice selection of craft beers. We have our red ale that has been a big seller for us. My business partner Steve Murman has been brewing that one for the last 25 years as a personal beer and we integrated that into DeNovo Beverage. We are going to have a wheat beer, a IPA, stout, and then there is some variations on those beers as well to fill out our entire twelve tap, tap system that will be in the bar area,” Sturgean shares.

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