Dr. Cliff Martin – Wash a Cloth Mask Daily to Remove Any Virus Present

In areas where a six foot social distancing cannot be maintained, the use of a mask is advised to protect others and yourself. Dr. Cliff Martin, OSF HealthCare Western Region Chief Medical Officer, informs it is important to wash a cloth mask daily:

“The idea is to make sure that the mouth and nose is covered. The protection from the mask is a lot more protecting others than perhaps it is ourselves when we are out in public, but then again if everyone is doing the same we get some protection. The regular mask is just for normal breathing or coughing or sneezing if you get one of those seasonal sneezes then it helps to prevent any spread of water droplets from doing that. So you want to, the ones that are made of cloth, you want to wash daily. Just a normal washer and dryer because the hot water and dry heat is important for cleansing them again and getting any virus out,” Dr. Martin says.

Dr. Martin states it is important to refrain from touching the front of the mask as that would transfer any droplets to whatever you were to touch next.