Haase Embroidery & Marketing Now Offering Promotional Products

Haase Embroidery and Marketing, located at 400 North 11th Street, is under new ownership. Co-owner Bryon Robbins states everything is the same and a viewable stock will remain in the lobby, just with a new emphasis on promotional products:

“We have changed some things out front. We have a lot of promotional items that are available to be able to view, handle, be able to see for people’s companies, but we also have with the clothing, have added where we have four different lines of the t-shirts. That was something that we wanted to do to get people a choice besides just a lower end t-shirt, that is maybe good for your sports team that will good for six weeks. For the person that wants a t-shirt that they will wear week in and week out, we wanted to have some better quality t-shirts for that. So we have added some things to the store,” Robbins says.

Haase is open Monday through Friday 8 to 5 for curbside and delivery service. To view available products visit or contact the store at 734-7483.

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