Compeer Financial Officer Brian Postin Calls 2021 Ag Economic Outlook Very Optimistic

2020 in the agricultural industry panned out to be very similar to the prior four or five years. As for 2021, Compeer Financial Officer Brian Postin is very optimistic about this year’s Ag economic outlook:

“2021 in the ag sector it feels good because this is the most optimistic year we have had probably five, six, seven years possibly, so there is a lot of optimism out there right now. It feels like we have been out swimming without a lifejacket and now we kind of got thrown a rope and we have our feet on the beach and we are feeling good and we are kind of coming out of a long prolonger struggle. Things are looking better. There are some descent marketing opportunities for the 2021 crop. There is still a big spread between old crop price and new crop price, so it’s not quite as lucrative maybe as what old crop pricing is right now, but still very profitable levels that people should at least be taking a look at for participating or rewarding the market.”

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