City of Monmouth Update with Mayor Rod Davies, City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher, and Communications Director Ken Helms

Recap of the Director’s Report including demolition of properties, an update of the Townhome structures, and the park district building on North 11th Street
Recap of the City’s approval of the renewal of the Fraternal Order of Police
City discusses the near completion of the new airport hangar, monthly rental fees, and that the annual Fly-In Breakfast will be held
Recap of the Zoning Report, which explains the change of zoning for properties within the City
Mayor Davies and City Administrator Steinbrecher talk the transition of City waste collection to Lakeshore Recycling
Final discussion from the Council Meeting covering surplus property of the Monmouth Fire Department, a brief introduction of the agenda on the next Council Meeting and an upcoming comprehensive look at upcoming infrastructure projects within the City, which can be heard on WRAM Thursday, May 5th in the noon hour
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