Head Coach Todd Wetterling Pleased with Results of Monmouth-Roseville Junior High Football Camp


Monmouth-Roseville Junior High held their football camp this week in Roseville. Abnormally lower temperatures during the week made for a better atmosphere. Head coach Wetterling said after the final day of camp on Friday morning liked what he saw out of the camp attendees this week.

MRJHS football coach Todd Wetterling

Numbers were limited at this year’s camp but unlike the weather, Coach Wetterling says that’s not abnormal. He understands that families are busy this time of summer and just because you can’t make it to camp, doesn’t mean you can’t play football for him this fall.

MRJHS football coach Todd Wetterling

The official day of junior high football at Monmouth-Roseville is the first practice on August 19th.

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