Monmouth Police Dept. Investigator Josh Kramer Talks Rising Car Thefts Among Kia’s and Hyundai’s


Vehicle thefts among car owners with 2010 to 2021 Kia models and 2015 to 2021 Hyundai models are on the rise. Monmouth Police Department Investigator Josh Kramer says the rising theft is among those vehicles using ignition keys and owners should contact their dealership:

“The Kia models are basically from 2010 to 2021. Those models include that if you have a key in your ignition, you need to see your dealership about an update because there is a very easy way to manipulate the ignition system and have your vehicle stolen. The Hyundai’s, it is the 2015 to 2021’s. This is a nationwide problem. There are actually insurance companies that are not insuring these vehicles because of the rate of thefts on them and it takes just a matter of minutes for somebody to get in your car and steal it.”

Investigator Kramer says with the possibility of a backlog of the part to fix the problem, the next step would be purchasing a steering ignition lock and then making sure you lock your doors, park in a garage with the doors locked, or in a lighted area.

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