Underage Drinking Bill Passes House, Heads to Senate


The Illinois House of Representatives, Wednesday, passed legislation sponsored by Deputy Republican Leader Norine Hammond (R-Macomb) which amends the Drug or Alcohol Impaired Minor Responsibility Act.

This bill comes from a situation in Hammond’s district where parents habitually let their teenager and friends drink alcohol in their home.

After celebrating the daughter’s 16th birthday, one of her friends drove home and lost control of his vehicle, killing him and a 15-year old friend.

As the Illinois law is currently written, parents are not responsible so long as they do not provide the alcohol and they can simply deny that they knew there was underage drinking in their house.   Hammond’s intent with this change is to prevent this from happening in the future by making a homeowner liable for permitting underage drinking at a residence they own or control.

HB1155 provides that a person, or their surviving spouse and next of kin, who is injured by an intoxicated person under age 18 has a right of action for damages against any person over age 18 who willfully permitted consumption of the alcohol or illegal drugs on any premises they own or control.

***Courtesy of Office of Illinois House Republicans***

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