Is Your Vehicle Prepared for Winter Traveling?


During the recent snow events that hit Warren County last week, 60 people unfortunately were stranded and rescued by emergency responders, the Warren County Highway Department, or local township operators while out clearing the roadways. While inclement weather is not in the immediate forecast, Monmouth Fire Chief Casey Rexroat suggests preparing your vehicle now for winter traveling:

“When you do venture out during that weather, we always recommend that you don’t, but if you do, we always recommend that you take some kind of a small kit with you. This is mostly stuff that you can just carry out of the house with you. It is not like you have to take hours to make a kit, but it makes us feel a lot better to know that if you are stranded out there, that you have a few things that can get you by until we can come and get you; flashlights, blankets, extra clothing, some snacks, some water, and maybe a car charger, and that your vehicle has a full tank of gas or at least enough gas to keep it going and keep you warm until someone can get to you.”

Additionally, when out shoveling snow, Chief Rexroat reminds pushing the snow instead of lifting and take breaks to avoid back strains and overexertion.

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