How to Identify Ongoing Scams


While scams can target a person of any age, those 65 and older tend to be sought out the most and a top ongoing scam to be on the lookout for are those tied to healthcare, shares Monmouth Police Department Investigator Josh Kramer:

“They are always quoting that this is a great ‘Plan B,’ however they market it to you. It goes back to the amount that they are presenting to you, if it is too good to be true, it is probably not true and you need to verify. They will claim they are selling you this insurance, they are wanting information, either personal information, banking information, whatever the angle of the scam is. Don’t provide information over the phone. Don’t provide really information in a letter either. Verify your source, who you are talking to, make sure that it is a certified number for the company that you think you are talking to and return the call too. I always recommend that if you talk to somebody on the phone and they are asking for any sort of information, tell them you will call them back.”

Investigator Kramer encourages individuals to also be on the lookout for counterfeit prescription scams, funeral or cemetery scams, fraudulent anti-aging products, and telemarketing.

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