Utility-Scale Energy Storage Company Shows Interest in Warren County


Delorean Power, a utility-scale energy storage development company out of Arlington, Virginia, and are a long-term owner/operator of battery storage projects. Warren County Board Chairman Mike Pearson shares their interest in the County:

“South of town we have a power substation with McDonough Power and we own the farmland right next to it. They would like to do a long term lease, six acres, in which to install battery backup. The advantages of battery backup is that when power is being generated in the middle of the night and nobody has their lights on, a lot of the factories and buildings are shutdown, they can store that excess power and then during the day, when everybody wants extra power, it can come from the battery storage, rather than potentially having a brown out or black out or trying to create extra generation for just very short periods of time. It also can come into effect should the major power lines go down, if they are on that particularly grid, they can supplement the power usage even though the distribution line in down.”

The Warren County Board unanimously voted to continue discussions with Delorean Power about the potential project.

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