Galesburg City Council Passes Ordinance Required for Peddlers & Door-to-Door Sales


On May 6, 2024, the City Council approved an ordinance that will require anyone wishing to be a peddler or hawker (door-to-door salesperson) to have a picture ID badge issued to them by the City Clerk’s office.  This is an extra layer of protection for the residents to ensure that the person is easily identified and that badges cannot be transferred to another individual without going through the application process.  

The City Clerk works with the Police Department to verify that all requirements of the ordinance and application are met and then a license, in the form of an ID badge, will be issued to the applicant.  This badge must be worn at all times and has additional identifying information such as the person’s name, company, expiration date, and the City Clerk’s signature.

Several companies are licensed with the City to go door-to-door, many of which are energy suppliers or solar panel installers, and have been soliciting residents and small businesses. Some of these companies and individuals are pressuring residents to sign contracts for the supply of energy or to have solar panels installed. As a reminder, none of these individuals or companies represent the City of Galesburg or Ameren Illinois, and it is recommended that residents avoid sharing billing or any other confidential information with someone they do not know and treat sales offers with caution. The City of Galesburg participates in a residential energy aggregation program; however, enrollment in that program is automatic and representatives from the city-selected energy aggregation program will not solicit through phone or door-to-door sales. 

Peddlers may only solicit between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. and must obey any posted sign that prohibits such activity. In addition, peddlers must respect the wishes of the occupant if directed to leave. Anyone having concerns or complaints about the conduct of these individuals, including charges of misrepresentation, soliciting outside the approved hours, or refusing to leave when instructed, is urged to contact the Galesburg Police Department at 309/343-4181 or the City Clerk’s office at 309/345-3600.

***Courtesy of the City of Galesburg***

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