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Monmouth College Homecoming Week Just Around the Corner

Monmouth College is celebrating their Homecoming October 18 and 19. Many events are scheduled during the two days, including a ...
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Hy-Vee Reports Findings from Investigation of Payment Card Data Incident

See below for a statement from Hy-Vee, Inc. providing additional information about the payment card incident that Hy-Vee first reported ...
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Knox County Health Department to Start Flu Vaccines

On Monday, October 7th, the Knox County Health Department will begin offering the seasonal flu vaccine on a walk-in basis ...
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State Cornhusking This Sunday

The 38th Annual Illinois State Cornhusking contest will be held this Sunday, October 6th at 1063 30th Street Smithshire, Illinois. ...
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Unemployment Rate Down in 101 Counties, all Fourteen Metros

The unemployment rate decreased in all fourteen Illinois metropolitan areas compared to last August, according to preliminary data released today ...
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U of I Extension Looking for Collaborative Research

The University of Illinois Extension is looking to collaborate with local farmers in order to conduct research on multiple crop ...
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Red Crown Rot Starting to Infest Western Illinois Soy Crops

The University of Illinois Ag Extension is looking for a new crop disease called Red Crown Rot that has entered ...
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Hemp Field Day Being Held Monday

Farmer Andy Huston and the University of Illinois Ag Extension are hosting a very unique field day today. The crop ...
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Monmouth’s Central Intermediate School Receives Grant

A grant from Compeer Financial's Fund for Rural America will help area school children develop a deeper understanding of local ...
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Monmouth College to host Family Weekend, Sept. 27-29

Special performers, a concert, an event celebrating the human spirit and a spring through the history of Scottish literature will ...
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