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City of Monmouth Mid-Year Outlook on Infrastructure and Aesthetic Improvements This Year and Future with Mayor Rod Davies and City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher

May 5, 2022
Broad overview including the City’s budget, grant funding, criteria for selecting which roads to repair, and the total amount it would take to improve everything
Monmouth-Roseville High School Parking Lot Project; Aesthetic Improvement with green space and environmentally friendly upgrade taking place this June and July
Euclid project on tap for this summer covering the stretch between 9th and 6th Street
Harlem Avenue project, expected to begin mid to late summer of this year
North 6th project, Broadway and Euclid, and other discussion on total costs of upcoming projects and future projects
Downtown Monmouth water main replacement and road reconstruction project as well as the streetscape improvement for the Downtown; hopeful to begin this project in 2023
Discussion on the future of electric vehicles and the impact that will have on the local motor fuel tax funds in Monmouth
Summary of road reconstruction projects on tap and discussion on a small market, parking lot, picnic space, in the empty lot on South A Street
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Warren County Health Department Administrator Jenna Link

May 4, 2022
Administrator Link talks Type 41 (Hepatitis Virus) that is being seen in children 10 and under and also touches on the Norovirus
Latest COVID-19 update for Warren County
Administrator Links discusses Lyme Disease and the importance of catching a tick bite early
Finally, discussion on West Nile and Avian Flu by Administrator Link on the WRAM Morning Show
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City of Monmouth Update with Mayor Rod Davies, City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher, and Communications Director Ken Helms

May 3, 2022
Recap of the Director’s Report including demolition of properties, an update of the Townhome structures, and the park district building on North 11th Street
Recap of the City’s approval of the renewal of the Fraternal Order of Police
City discusses the near completion of the new airport hangar, monthly rental fees, and that the annual Fly-In Breakfast will be held
Recap of the Zoning Report, which explains the change of zoning for properties within the City
Mayor Davies and City Administrator Steinbrecher talk the transition of City waste collection to Lakeshore Recycling
Final discussion from the Council Meeting covering surplus property of the Monmouth Fire Department, a brief introduction of the agenda on the next Council Meeting and an upcoming comprehensive look at upcoming infrastructure projects within the City, which can be heard on WRAM Thursday, May 5th in the noon hour
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Local NRCS District Conservationist Cathy Froelich

May 3, 2022
Froelich highlights upcoming deadlines, reminds listeners that compliance letters have been mailed, and discusses an upcoming collection of old unusable ag pesticides through the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Clean Sweep Program.
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