Monmouth College Scots Excel in Indoor Track and Field


The Monmouth College Scots are doing very well in indoor track and field.

The men’s indoor track team recently won their nineteenth straight indoor conference championship, with Dan Evers winning his pole vault and long jump events. Evers will be competing at the national competition in Birmingham, Ala., next weekend.

Evers also claimed the conference championship in pole vaulting last season. He said that he has been working on his takeoff and run with the coach, Roger Haynes.

“Coach Haynes and I have been really working on we call this 1-2-3 drill where we work with the pole tip, lowering it down as we go and focusing on form the last few steps, because I get really long with my last few steps, and then it causes me to be in and my parabola is really narrow, straight up, straight down,” Evers stated.

Evers also said that he focuses more on hitting a consistent height, rather than attempting to go as high as possible.

Madi Schulenberg, an Orion native, won the conference championship for her event, the high jump. Schulenberg stated that her season started rough, but this year was her second time winning the conference. Schulenberg will be competing this weekend to qualify for nationals. Her current high jump personal record is 5′ 3.75″. In order to qualify, she must jump 5′ 5″ or better.

Schulenberg is confident in her team. Schulenberg believes that there is potential to win the outdoor track season.

“We’ve got a good group of girls. We’re young, we’ve got a lot of potential though. We’re closing the gap between us and first place. We have a big opportunity to win outdoor, in my opinion, adding a few events that we have an lot of potential in,” Schulenberg said.

The team has been growing in size. The high jump group consisted of only Schulenberg when she was a freshman. Academics are also very important, and Schulenberg said that having the seniors help new students improve is critical.

“I think it’s important to inform them that it is gonna be difficult at first but once you get it together and start really focusing in on what we’re supposed to be doing and why we’re doing it, then you see a lot of return,” Schulenberg stated.

The national competition will start March 9, and should be available to watch online at

Written by Alex Foltz

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