Next Market Alley Music Day on August 8th

The next Market Alley Music Days will be hosted from 11 am to 1 pm on Thursday, August 8th.

Shaniah Paige, a local musician and Monmouth College student, will be performing at the event.

Catering for Market Alley Music Days will be handled by Alfano’s pizza, who are offering pizza, pasta, bread sticks, and salad for $9, with soda and water offered for $1 each by the Monmouth Chamber of Commerce.

According to a newly amended city ordinance, alcoholic beverages can be brought outside to the event from Market Alley Wines or Tooties.

Amy Patterson, Executive Director of the Monmouth City Council, spoke about past and future event attendance and weather.

“Attendance has been steady, but of course you always like more out. We had a slow start in the spring with the rain weather, and then of course we had that heat snap, but August is looking really great, so I appreciate your weather report.”

The event is sponsored by the Warren County Department of Transportation, who would like to remind those who drink alcohol at the event that their services are extended to anyone who needs them. Their phone number is 734-6001.

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