Monmouth-Roseville District Update

The Monmouth-Roseville School Board has approved the high school to participate in the Illinois State Board of Education Seal of Bi-Literacy Program. Superintendent Ed Fletcher shares students in this program must meet predetermined requirements:

“Public universities and colleges in Illinois are then supposed to grant a certain number of credits based on that seal of Bi-Literacy. Some colleges are further along in that process than others. So it is a great opportunity,” Fletcher states.

Receiving the Bi-Literacy seal can be done in conjunction with duel credit classes, allowing students to be farther along in their college hours before graduating high school.

In partnership with Monmouth College, Place-Based Education has been implemented at Central Intermediate for the Monmouth-Roseville sixth graders, which allows students to get immersed into local heritage, culture, landscape, opportunities, and experiences in the community. Superintendent Ed Fletcher shares the impact this opportunity will have on the students:

“A lot of great things going on with that partnership in giving kids access to just a different type of learning. Not everyone wants to sit and listen to lectures all the time, although it’s an important piece to it, but also get them out into the community and let them do activities that tie into what they are learning,” says Fletcher.

Monmouth College received a $10,000 donation from Compeer Financial to allow this program to happen.