Solvera Health’s Dr. Julio Santiago Reports Respiratory Illness Cases are Tapering Down


Since the ramp up of the recent cases of cold, flu, RSV, or COVID, numbers seem to be tapering down says Dr. Julio Santiago with Solvera Health, who explains that getting a respiratory illness does build immunity to an extent:

“Looking at the cold and flu tracker, we are coming down to minimal levels at this time. Lets say if you got COVID or influenza, you do build up an immunity that last about three to four months. The life cycle of our immunity seems to be about 120 days. Then the immunity level will come down to a low level that will always be there. You will have memory cells that recognize something similarly if it ever happens again, if you get reinfected, you will have that immunity.”

Dr. Santiago shares the best ways to remain healthy are getting those flu vaccinations, mask up if you are sick, stay home, and wash your hands and surfaces frequently.

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