City of Monmouth Update with Mayor Rod Davies, City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher, and Communications Director Ken Helms


Part 1: Discussion on the Monmouth Police and Fire Departments on their monthly reports to City Council

Part 2: Request presented to City Council on relocation and street closures for the Greater Warren County United Way Heritage Festival in August and TIF incentives for repairs at Alfano’s

Part 3: Discussion on three engineering agreements within the city limits of Monmouth, including a terminal at the airport and mandates with the Illinois EPA

Part 4: Discussion on the 2024-2025 City of Monmouth budget, as well as an in-depth explanation of capital improvements throughout the city and the timeline of ongoing and upcoming water main and road reconstruction projects

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Warren County IL Property Transfers

05/13/2024- 05/17/2024 Alexis● 302SPostlewaite St: $82,000.00; Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs to Paige McKeown Monmouth● Empty Lot: $400.00; Jason Robbins to Gregorio Diaz-Martinez● 924S11thSt: $22,000.00; Bernardo & Juvenal Marquez to Maria