Simulation Sports Expanding Offered Opportunities with Golf Club Repairs and Lessons


We are already past one month into the 2024 spring season, which means many people are gearing up and getting ready to get back on the course for a round of golf this spring and summer season. Many avid golfers however may have older clubs that are not quite in shape for 18 holes, and prices for a set of new clubs continue to rise, which is why Simulation Sports in Monmouth is offering to repair or fit your used clubs to get them in better shape for the course. Alex Temple of Simulation Sports has more about the repair process.

“There are a couple of places around here where you can get that done, but not too many. We thought it might be a niche we could fill. As far as club repair goes, we can basically do anything from cutting the shaft down, pulling the shaft, replacing adapters, gripping, pretty much anything. We invested in the equipment needed; saws and sanders, all that fun stuff. If you are spending the money already, you might as well make sure you get the right one and have it where you need it to be and it makes a huge difference.”

In addition to repairing older clubs for more regular golfers, Simulation Sports is also offering lessons to anybody who is looking to get into golf this year. Scott Weber is in charge of this year’s golf lessons at Simulation Sports. He shares just how important lessons are in building and improving golfing skills.

“We are not going to go real advanced and confuse people, we try to keep it simple. We can work with, we call them hackers, but the new golfers, golfers that don’t play much, or we can help those that have played quite a bit, we can help young kids, we can help older people, we can help women, we can help men. We are excited about what is going on. Scott Haase owns it and when he talked to me about doing lessons and then Alex and Eric about doing that, he wanted to offer more at Simulation Sports, so we are glad to be doing it.”

For more information about club repairs and golf lessons at Simulation Sports, you can visit their location at 400 S Main Street in Monmouth or call 309-335-5699.

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